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Performers North Entertainment Company and Judy Russell's Enchainement Dance Centre present Dirty Laundry - IN PHOTOS

Performers North fundraiser returns to stage with presentation titled Dirty Laundry

Performers North Entertainment Company and Judy Russell's Enchainement Dance Centre presented Dirty Laundry on stage at Vanier Hall on Sunday evening. The annual event is a fundraiser for Performers North and will go towards helping with costs associated with dancers travelling for performances.

This year's evening of award winning dance featured thirty-two total pieces with a brief intermission after the first sixteen performances.

Sixty-two dancers participated in the show and those dancers were split into four companies with some special guests.

Company D featured dancers Shayla Aubichon, Grace Faucher, Mya Friesen, Brielle Hamelin, Erika LeBlanc, Katie LeBlanc, Tyler Meaney, Lilli Sullivan, Kristan Tabora, Hailie Towns, and Else Winnig.

Company C featured dancers Courtney Bodenham, Charlotte Campbell, Suri Fraser, Morgan Johnson, Jenna LeRuez, Caleigh McRae, Ella Niebergall, Lily Parfitt, Sofia Pellegrino, Mariana Plata, Jorja Simmons, Mia Simmons, Valen von den Steinen, Chase Warmerdam, and Claire Westerlaken.

Company B featured dancers Novalee Bertoli, Olivia Brown, Sienna Flundra, Ashlin Harrop, Elizabeth Laurie, Addison Liu, Grace Mangan, Claire McCaffrey, Payton Murphy, Mary Parfitt, Mallorie Strachan, and Natalie Whelan.

Company A featured dancers Grier Baylis, Laighton Biederstadt, Macy Doyle, Madison Doyle, Khloe Glover, Callie Harrop, Ellie Martens, Ainsley Stancati, Paige Stewart, Lillianna Thring, Chase Torbohm, Naomie Trainberg, Alison Wood, and Malcolm Wood.

Special guest dancers were Greta Russell, Meriam Aka, Ava Wintermute, Kayleigh Watkins, Elizabeth Derksen, Kaitlyn Schwab, Sarah Awchaula, Aziella Calhoun, Lauren Murray, and Heidi Kelpsch.