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Nude drawing class at art gallery

Two Rivers Gallery is hosting self-directed sessions with nude models for artists of all skill levels.
Two Rivers Gallery is hosting a series of self-directed nude drawing sessions for artists of all skill levels.

The nude human form is one of the most-studied and celebrated subjects in the history of art.

Artists 18-years-old and older of all skill levels are welcome to take part in a series of self-directed sessions at the Two Rivers Gallery, running from April 4 to May 23, featuring a series of nude models.

“Bring your drawing supplies (paper and dry media) and dedicate some time to drawing from a live, unclothed model,” the gallery website says. “Challenge yourself, practice drawing what you see, hone your skills and remind yourself how enjoyable drawing is. The gallery supplies easels, drawing boards, paper clips, and a facilitator to keep time.”

Classes run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. each Tuesday, and the cost of course is $80 (or $18 per drop-in). To register, go online to the Two Rivers Gallery website.