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Mayor’s Black & White Arts Soiree set for May 14

The third annual Mayor’s Black & White Arts Soiree will see guests taking in the live art presentations including music, dancing and live art making May 14 at Theatre NorthWest.
Black & White ball photo
Prince George Canadian Tire owner Selen Alpay, left, Marnie Hamagami of Theatre NorthWest, Mayor Lyn Hall, Lorelle Hall, Eli Klasner of the Community Arts Council of Prince George & District and Les Waldie are inviting local resident to the third annual Mayor’s Art Gala.

The third annual Mayor’s Art Gala themed the Mayor’s Black & White Arts Soiree will see guests taking in the live art presentations including music, dancing and live art making.

The event will take place May 14 at Theatre NorthWest and is presented by the Community Arts Council of Prince George & District, the Prince George Symphony Orchestra and Theatre NorthWest.

The art gala is designed to support the three local arts organizations that are hosting the event through direct fundraising and a Prince George Arts Micro-Grant program, which supports local emerging artists by providing funding for short-term arts projects.

During the event hosted by Mayor Lyn Hall and Lorelle Hall, there will be live artistic presentations and on offer will be appetizers and specialty cocktails with DJ music at the end of the evening.

“We will have some live music, ranging from instrumentalists from the Prince George Symphony Orchestra, live vocals featuring some excerpts from opera and we’re going to have a live paint battle with at least two artists on stage doing a little bit of a fun competition around it and then those pieces will be raffled off,” Eli Klasner, executive director for the Community Arts Council of Prince George & District, said. “There will also be a dramatic reading, there will be a little bit of drama and theatre as well. There will also be live DJ music. So the plan is to have life art stations throughout the theatre and part of it is also under a tent outside to enjoy the lovely May fresh air. There will be food tastings associated with the different art installation activities.”

It's going to be such a unique event, Klasner added.

“It takes a cocktail party and turns it into an interactive event where there will be room if you just want to go hang out with your friends and talk and have a nibble or if you want to actively participate in some of the art installations – it’s truly unique event for us to both raise money but also to expose some of our amazingly talented arts people in town and people to just have a really good time and get up close and personal with the arts,” Klasner said. “That’s what we want this year.”

Because of the forced two-year hiatus from this type of event people are really missing this sort of gala, he pointed out.

“People are really missing these lovely, intimate and entertaining experiences,” Klasner said. “It’s still going to be a fancy, dress-up event. Be imaginative in your attire, your couture, but also get up close with some live opera singing and art and drama.”

Mayor Lyn Hall acknowledged how local arts organizations have worked tirelessly to lift community member’s spirits during the pandemic.

“In spite of significant and at times seemingly insurmountable challenges, they continued to provide our community with local culture, events, live performances, marketplaces, creative classes, youth opportunities and more,” Hall said. “I look forward to accompanying my wife and our community leaders for a night of celebration and an opportunity to show our support for those who enrich our community through the arts.”

Canadian Tire has once again stepped forward as the title sponsor of the event with a financial contribution of $10,000.

“How wonderful it will be to come out and support and celebrate the arts, after this long hiatus,” Selen Alpay, Canadian Tire store owner, said. “Canadian Tire appreciates and values the contribution arts make to a healthy and viable community, and we are proud to support initiatives and organizations that contribute to the high quality of life Prince George offers its residents.”

Tickets for the third annual Mayor’s Black & White Arts Soiree are now on sale and are available to purchase for $150 each at