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Gordie Tentrees performing live in Prince George after years-long absence

Gordie Tentrees will be appearing live at the Black Clover to promote his eighth album Mean Old World Sunday, Nov. 21.

Gordie Tentrees is coming back to Prince George with his Mean Old World album release at a party at the Black Clover pub Nov. 21.

It’s been at least five years since the Yukon-based musician performed in town and he’s looking forward to coming back to do a show with musician-producer Bob Hamilton.

Tentrees created this album that covers many universal issues during a week-long coldsnap of 35 below and is going on a 400-show global tour to promote it.

“I take an honest approach when sharing myself with the audience and the songs I’ve written about my experiences and some of them are pretty profound and I think this new record has a lot of those on it,” Tentrees said. “A lot of the songs are pretty real and pretty engaging considering the times that we’re in especially in our roles as non-Indigenous people in what’s quickly becoming - for a great reason - an Indigenous world.”

Tentrees has been working with Indigenous youth and families in the Yukon for the last 25 years and said he’s been immersed in the culture as a teacher and youth worker.

“I’ve been raising my Indigenous daughter through the foster system which was not a great experience and I wrote a lot of songs about it,” Tentrees said, who grew up in foster care himself.

He didn’t want his foster daughter to experience the things he did during his time in foster care and so he got her out of there and is now raising her along with her multi-generational family.

“A lot of the songs were inspired by the Canadian politics of the time and the history in Canada and one of the main themes I would have to say that have come from my experience in my home as well as being a foster kid is that politics, money and history are not what we should consider when considering the safety, health and happiness of a child.”

There are songs about that topic and more light-hearted tunes about Tentrees' boxing career.

“As well as about my wife who I tend to write songs about all the time,” Tentrees said. “The whole record came together really beautifully. Out of the eight albums I’ve put out this is the one I feel the most satisfaction for because you can have all these personal stories but to make them universal is a trick and I feel like I’ve been practicing since the previous records to make one like this and I’m so excited to have people hear this record - it’s going to be great.”

He’s looking forward to returning to Prince George.

“I’m bringing with me a very special Juno-award winning musician and producer who makes my records - Bob Hamilton, who will be playing a bunch of instruments with me - between the two of us we play eight instruments and for those who are wondering what we do they’re going to see everything from folk to country to jazz to rock ‘n’ roll and blues and we seem to somehow do it all - after this much time practicing we’ve got it together now and we’re ready to bring it to the Black Cover audience,” Tentrees said. “I know how tough it is for Prince George folks to do things outside of the box but this is one show you shouldn’t miss.”

For tickets for the Black Clover event visit Gordie Tentrees at the Black Clover.

There is limited seating and the show starts at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 21.

For more information about Tentrees visit