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White Rock pier repair could cost a whopping $16.2 million

(via jhetvanruyven/Instagram)

In December, powerful winds cut the White Rock pier in half during a massive storm. What’s more, a person was stranded on one side of the pier, and crews were sent in to rescue him.

What’s more, a recent engineering report estimates that the pier could cost over $16 million to repair. The report will go before city council on Monday, January 28, but the figure is markedly higher than previously thought.

Previous estimates for the repair were between $6 and $7 million, but either of the new options will cost double or more than that estimate.

The report provides two options – one for a steel pile and concrete deck, and one for a timber pile and deck. The first option could cost a staggering $16.2 million while the latter could cost around $14.1 million.

A company called Westmar was hired by the city to calculate the estimates in December, and the figures include a number of components. Prior to adding these in, the estimate was $11.1 million for the first option and $9.2 million for the latter.

Additional components include the west float, seismic ground improvement (if needed), design and construction management, environmental/regulatory costs, arches/electrical/lighting, debris clean-up, and PST.

“These figures are preliminary and based on information known to date. For example, at this time, the estimates include $3M for seismic ground improvement, and until more testing is done, the extent of work needed is not known,” notes the report.

“In addition, although an estimate of $600,000 has been included for the west wharf ($400,000 for timber option), there may be additional costs involved with re-establishing the marina, as this has not yet been fully examined.”

City Council had hoped that the pier would reopen in August, but there is no definitive date. Further, the report notes that due to the, “rapidly closing Fisheries Window, the start of the remaining reconstruction will need to be deferred until the fall of 2019.”

For the future of the pier, the report remarks that the structure will remain vulnerable to earthquakes, storm damage from debris in the water, and sea level rise.

- Elana Shepert, Vancouver is Awesome