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Watch: Meet the giant tortoise who roams around Vancouver

One of the most interesting pets in the city is a friendly ol' tort

If you've seen a huge tortoise roaming around Mount Pleasant in Vancouver lately don't worry - he's someone's pet.

Named Pong, this beast weighs in at 48 pounds and is a Sulcata variety of tortoise.

At 15 years of age, he currently weighs 48 pounds and is being fostered by Rebecca Wu and Simon Damborg.

Wu tells Vancouver Is Awesome that he lives with them in the condo they rent, and that they plan to keep him until he can no longer fit through the doorway.

At that point, Pong will be released to a sanctuary, where he could live to be 100 years old.

The couple has "toddler-proofed" their place, are keeping him comfortable in a heated space, and take him out for jaunts around the neighbourhood.

He mostly eats grass and, yes, he's sort of potty trained. He poops once a day, most times in the actual bathroom, though not on the toilet.

Follow Pong on Instagram and TikTok, and watch out for him at Raincity Athletics as he's a regular there.

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