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VIDEO: 'Idiot' Smart Car driver pulls some dumb moves, gives the finger

This driver, in a courier’s vehicle, shows off some shocking driving habits in this video posted on Reddit recently.

Richmond drivers are doing the rounds on social media again, this time with a video of Smart Car causing havoc on Russ Baker Way.

The dashcam footage shows the driver — in the car with decals for Jacombs Way-based courier K Trans Worldwide Logistics — deciding at the last second to leave the main road and take an off-ramp.

However, he/she almost tips over in the process, narrowly missing a median and cutting in front of the driver whose dashcam was filming the incident.

The Smart Car driver makes the exact same manoeuvre again a few seconds later, before reaching out of the window with a “one-fingered salute.”

Typical idiot drivers in Richmond, BC from r/IdiotsInCars

When the culprit gets to the southbound stretch of Russ Baker Way, he/she appears to deliberately brake-check the driver behind several times, preventing him from getting onto the main road.

The video was posted last week on Reddit, with the title “Typical idiot drivers in Richmond.”

Richmond News reader, known only as Radley, sent the video to the News, saying that he bikes to work regularly and this kind of driving is his “greatest fear” of getting run over.

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