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'Too hot': Home energy use a topic many B.C. couples bicker about

Leaving the TV on. Running the dishwasher or washing machine when only half full. These are just some of the things B.C. couples argue about when it comes to energy use in their home, suggests a new BC Hydro survey.
British Columbia couples like to argue about leaving the TV on.

From turning off lights to loading the dishwasher ‘correctly,’ B.C. couples are engaged in domestic power struggles, a new report from BC Hydro has found.

The survey shows more than a quarter (26 per cent) of British Columbians in a relationship reported regular energy-related disagreements at home.

Most spats are related to heating and cooling — that includes the overall home temperature being too hot or cold (64 per cent) or someone letting cold air in by keeping a door or window open (32 per cent).

Then there's that all-too-annoying tendency of partners who leave lights or electronics turned on.

Almost two-thirds have argued about lights being left on when another left a room and more than a quarter squabbled about the TV being left on.

Then there’s hot water.

Sixteen per cent reported arguing with a partner because they used all the hot water for showering or bathing. Others had issues about the washing machine (24 per cent) or dishwasher (12 per cent) being used too frequently, or when not full.

The power struggles for 52 per cent of couples continued into the dead of night.

More than half of survey respondents reported arguing about whether a room was too hot or cold (34 per cent), their partner leaving a fan on all night (11 per cent), their partner watching or listening to something on their phone well past bedtime (10 per cent), a bedside lamp being left on after their partner falls asleep (nine per cent) or the TV being left on (eight per cent).