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'They looked at me': B.C. wolves surprise homeowner with backyard visit

The wolves just stared at the homeowner, unfazed.

Two wolves decided to pay a Prince Rupert-area homeowner a visit on Sunday morning — an encounter she was able to capture on video. 

Micheala Dodds was inside her Port Edward house at around 8:30 a.m. when her dogs started going berserk.

"I went to go yell at them to be quiet,” recalls Dodds in an interview with Glacier Media. “I saw this wolf running back and forth against the fence.”

She decided to run outside to try and scare it off but the wolf didn’t look at her.

“He didn’t even care,” she says, noting there were two of them.

She believes there might be a game trail behind her property drawing the animals there. The wolves also visited a few weeks ago. 

“They looked at me,” she says. “They knew I was there."

Dodd enjoyed the wildlife sighting.

"I love it, because like before we moved to Prince Rupert, we lived on 24 acres and I would see like lynx and bears and moose all the time,” she says.

Her young son was pleased by the visitors.

"I have a four-year-old and he was super excited. He kept asking when they were coming back." 

Wolves and coyotes are generally not a threat to humans, according to the Conservation Officer Service (COS).

"Wild coyotes are naturally curious animals, however, they are timid and will usually run away if challenged,” states the service. 

The COS recommends keeping dogs on leashes and under control at all times, creating and maintaining space, and never feeding the wildlife. 

For more information on wolves and what to do, visit the service's website.