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Restriction around Cutoff Creek wildfire to be rescinded

Public urged to be cautious when venturing into the area
15 Cutoff Creek wildfire
The Cutoff Creek wildfire at its peak this summer.

The general public will be able to venture into the area surrounding Cutoff Creek southwest of the city as of noon Thursday when a restriction on access imposed by the B.C. Wildfire Service will be withdrawn.

However, the wildfire that struck the area remains active, the BCWS added in a statement, and is urging people to be cautious.

"Even if an area restriction has been rescinded, officials still have the authority under the Wildfire Act and its regulations to order anyone to leave the area. Before entering any area affected by a wildfire, members of the public should be aware that significant safety hazards may be present.

"Trees that have been damaged by fire might be unstable and could fall. Ash pits can be hard to detect and can remain hot long after the flames have died down."

Drivers are also reminded to follow the rules for travelling along logging roads and to take into account road conditions.

"Ground crews will be continuing to use resource roads in the area for suppression activity and public users must exercise caution when travelling on these roads," BCWS said.

As the largest wildfire in the Prince George Fire Centre this summer, it was a major source of the smoke that drifted into the city.