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New regulations to help ensure long-haul truckers don't drive tired in B.C.

Mandatory electronic logs to ensure drivers don't exceed hours of service
Electronic logging devices record the amount of time drivers spend on the road each day.

The BC Trucking Association supports new federal-provincial regulations that will require all commercial trucks operating in B.C. to have electronic logging devices installed to ensure drivers aren’t exceeding hours of service regulations.

In Canada, hours of service regulations generally restrict commercial truck drivers to no more than 13 hours of driving time before they are required to take at least eight hours off to sleep.

The federal government has mandated the use of electronic logging devices (ELD) for all drivers crossing provincial and territorial borders as a way of ensuring drivers and fleet operators are abiding by the hours of service regulations. Each province is responsible for amending its own provincial motor vehicles act regulations to conform to the federal mandate.

In B.C., all commercial trucks operating in the province will be required to have ELDs installed by August 1 this year.

"The BC Trucking Association is pleased that the province will bring into force a provincial ELD mandate, which will improve safety for all road users by increasing compliance with hours-of-service regulations," said BC Trucking Association president Dave Earle. 

“While there is no single fix for improved safety performance, a widespread requirement for technology that automates compliance and helps to promote effective safety programs will transform the industry for the better."

"Using technology to ensure that commercial drivers aren't on the road longer than they should be on a given day will protect their safety and the safety of others on B.C. highways," said Rob Fleming, minister of transportation and infrastructure. "It will also support a more efficient trucking industry, which is critical to keeping supplies moving across the province."

There are many ELD devices on the market. Transport Canada has published a list of the devices that are approved for use in Canada.

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