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LETTERS: Bear fines are a joke — make the ticket painful

Should fines be higher? Let us know in the comments. (via Contributed)

Dear Editor:

It's about bloody time B.C. conservation officers (COs) shifted their activities towards what is most at cause for their justifying the killing of innocent beasts for just being beasts. Finally, I can see a bit of justification for COs being with us.

Humans, at times, are bears' worst enemies. Due to the lack of caring and vigilance, humans often create the environment in which our bears have few choices for survival. And typically, in the end, it is the beast itself that pays the price for our lack of caring.

By the way, a $230 fine is a joke. People laugh at this nothing fine. It should be much higher. Make it painful.

And forget the warnings that some municipalities issue — they're an even bigger joke. There are no persons anywhere that are truly unaware of the responsibilities we have regarding our wildlife, including the bears. No warnings, just fines — and big ones at that. Then, just maybe, people will begin taking responsibility for our collective surroundings and our beasties.

So, I wish the best of luck to the COs and this mission. Go get ’em!

Michael Sonntag, Port Coquitlam

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