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Check out nine of the most hilarious Canadian April Fools’ Day pranks

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It is April Fools’ Day and friends, families, and even corporations are getting into the spirit by posting some hilarious pranks online.

Have a look at some of the funniest ones below.

WestJet’s Flyre Festival

WestJet continues its annual April Fools’ Day fun with a video for their fictitious “Flyre Festival.” Described as, “an immersive musical festival 35,000 feet,” the festival promises everything from social influencers to DJs, EDM to a cute pig.

Phillips Brewing Company “Phüber”

april fools
Phillips Brewing Company

Phillips Brewing Company announced that they are gearing up to launch their own ride-sharing company called “Phüber.” The Victoria-based brewing company’s new fleet will consist of a lone 2006 Pontiac Wave known as the “Electric Unicorn.”

McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Canada introduced “McNugget Singles” for their Fools’ offering. The video shows a tiny box with a single golden nugget inside, as well as some barbecue sauce on the side. With that in mind, McDonald’s isn’t trying to cover up the fact that this is a joke – they remark in their caption, “Like you could ever only eat just one? #AprilFools.”

David Suzuki Foundation Bee-bnb

april fools
David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation has announced that it is launching Bee-bnb – a website aimed at helping wild bees and other beneficial bugs find food and shelter in residential yards, gardens and balconies. Participating hosts are asked to upload essential information, including amenities such as gardens filled with native wildflowers, water sources and sunny patches for basking.

“Bee-bnb could revolutionize how bees and butterflies find places to stay,” renowned broadcaster and environmentalist David Suzuki said. “Pollinators give us flowers, fruit and vegetables. As spring begins to bloom, I encourage everyone to give back by becoming Bee-bnb hosts.”

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority Nude Beach

April Fools'
Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority announced that they plan to made Ogden Point a clothing optional beach this summer. With that in mind, their release states that the decision won’t become final until noon on April Fools’ Day.

“We’re always looking for ways to animate Ogden Point, to invite Victorians to mingle with visitors, and to ensure that we provide much-desired community space,” says Ian Robertson, CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and proponent for the new space. “I’m most excited to see the looks on the faces of the 700,000 cruise passengers who will call to Victoria this summer. They will be completely exposed to the best that Victorians have to offer.”

White Spot Restaurants Bacon Cheddar Protein Shake

April Fools
White Spot Restaurants

White Spot has announced that it is unleashing a rather odd concoction as of April 1. The “Bacon Cheddar Protein Shake” marries two of the franchise’s best sellers – the classic Bacon Cheddar Burger and the Vanilla Milkshake – to make the ultra-rich cocktail. In total, White Spot notes that the drink has a whopping 49 grams of protein.

Subway Canada

Subway Canada introduced a new Poutine Sub asking,”What’s more Canadian than Poutine?” However, they were quick to note that the French fry-filled sandwich is a “product of our imagination” and that it wasn’t available for purchase.

Coast Mountain Bus Company Air Bus

April Fools
Reddit / Vancityboi_04

Reddit-user Vancityboi_04 created an image of an AirBus operated by Coast Mountain Bus Company. The image notes that the plane will come complete with lavatories, reclining seats, ample storage, tray tables, non-stop service, as well as food and drink service. And, of course, it has the same colour scheme as the trademark buses.

Reddit Vancouver

april fools'
Reddit Vancouver

Reddit Vancouver has changed their banner to reflect that they are, “now sponsored by Huawei.” While Reddit usually has a fun Vancouver-centric banner on their site, the banner says “HUAWEI” across the top for April 1.

- Elana Shepert, Vancouver Is Awesome