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Burns planned throughout Site C construction area

Site C transmission line clearing work.

Planned burning is expected to start in October at a number of Site C work areas, B.C. Hydro says.

Clearing and debris management is underway, Hydro says, with merchantable timber being shipped to local mills. Wood waste and non-merchantable trees can be chipped, mulched and spread, or be burned on site, it says.

  • parts of the lower reservoir area on the north and south banks of the Peace River, directly west of the dam site, and in the Moberly River drainage area;
  • sections of the 75-kilometre transmission line right-of-way between the Site C dam site and the Peace Canyon Dam; and
  • the Portage Mountain and West Pine quarries.

Contractors will plan the timing, size, and location of the burns during appropriate weather conditions, and will monitor smoke emissions, B.C. Hydro says.

Burning will last through the fall and winter.

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