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Bear killed in Squamish as a result of human carelessness

bear garbage
Bears can easily become habituated to humans when garbage is left out. This photo does not depict bear that was killed. (via iStock)

When residents don’t secure their attractants, this is the sad result.

A bear was killed on Monday in Squamish because it had become a risk to public safety, according to a joint District of Squamish and Conservation Officer Service news release.

The bear had become food-conditioned and habituated to humans.

 “With summer coming to a close, the District of Squamish and Conservation Officer Service are alerting residents to an increase in bear activity,” reads the release.

Recently bears have been seen accessing fruit trees and garbage in most neighbourhoods.

Leading into the period of hibernation, bears are already increasing their search for food sources in an effort to fatten up for hibernation, thus being able to access garbage and other attractants draws them further into residential neighbourhoods.

To protect the bears, residents are asked to do the following:

~ Pick fruit as it ripens or pick un-ripened fruit and allow it to ripen indoors. Consider using a portable electric fence to protect your harvest.

~ Store garbage and organics in a secure location such as a garage if at all possible. If stored outdoors, totes should remain locked at all times and unlocked and placed curbside only on the morning of collection.

Reduce odours by freezing odorous food scraps and rinsing all recycling.

Enforcement of unlocked totes and other attractants is being pursued by District Bylaw Officers over the coming days and weeks.

The Squamish Chief