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$9,000? Facebook Marketplace offers for toilet paper skyrocket

This is getting out of hand. (via Facebook)

UPDATED: 1:30 p.m.

listing under the home decor section of Castanet classifieds is offering two 12-packs of "premium imported toilet paper" for $100. 

Each pack contains 12 double rolls which can be “strategically separated” to provide 24 single rolls. 

It’s debatable whether the imported claim is true, as the advertisement says the product comes directly from 100 Mile House, which is located in British Columbia. 

But there’s no doubt the seller believes the two-ply Purex bathroom tissue is premium quality.

"Secured in factory packaging, this home essential will allow you to proudly go about your day while others may be subject to stay at home with self shame," reads the listing.

"Don't let fecal matter get in your way, reach out and secure your two ply today!”

The buyer will also have the opportunity to win tickets to this year’s Stanley Cup final, as part of a Purex promotional offer. 

“(It’s) ingenious,” says the seller, "as if I were to win that trip opening my TP, I would surely need a roll handy due to my uncontrolled excitement!"

ORIGINAL: 12:30 p.m.

Coronavirus fears have stepped up to a whole new level on social media, where toilet paper is selling for as much as $9,000 a pack.

Cowichan Valley resident Kelly Moore listed a pack of two-ply Royal Velour toilet paper containing 16 rolls for $9,000, convinced it is "the good stuff." 

"Mint condition never wiped ... willing to consider a trade for a quad, 2014 or newer," her posting on Facebook Marketplace reads.

Three days ago, a Calgary resident comically posted a 12-pack of "totally premium" toilet paper for $3,240 — listing it as used but like new, and coloured brown.

"12 premium rolls of toilet paper, some rolls are slightly used, but I don't mind."

Others are selling toilet paper by the roll. 

A Victoria resident listed a single roll of toilet paper for $100, telling potential buyers it was comparable to a hug.

"I got it, and you want it. That soft warm hug that is toilet paper. I have one roll of toilet paper for sale, could be willing to do 3 for $175. Price is firm." 

Another Facebook user in Kelowna was asking $200 for two rolls of TP, and wanted to make it clear they are not to be separated under any circumstances.

"Two rolls of toilet paper. Will not split up, must be purchased as a set. Will not hold, first $200 gets it."

Half an hour later, the listing was gone.

In the men's clothing and shoes section, Oak Bay resident Trisha Lewis-Guncliffe is offering up an all-sizes T-shirt for $20, which reads "I survived the #toiletpaperpanic 2020." 

The ad shows a man wearing the shirt while holding two rolls of toilet paper. However, it seems the rolls were not being given away as part of the sale. 

These two rolls must not be separated, reads listing. (via Facebook)

— Laura Brookes, Castanet