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Comedian Leland Klassen returns to Prince George with Empty Nets

Leland Klassen is coming back to Prince George. 
Leland Klassen is returning for a show in Prince George on June 23.

Leland Klassen is coming back to Prince George. The award-winning comedian/actor has appeared on Netflix, Just For Laughs, and Dry Bar Comedy just to name a few, is returning to B.C. and bringing his stand-up comedy and energetic story-telling show with him.

Leland recently completed filming his latest feature film which he co-wrote and starred in, called Empty Nets. Empty Nets is a first century Galilean comedy about a failed inventor who moves from Jerusalem to Galilee to take over his uncle’s fishing business.

He's also added cruise ship performances to his schedule, and visited 14 countries in the last year.

He has several film and television projects in various stages of development and looks to complete two more feature films by the end of the year.

Live comedy remains his top priority, however.

“Stand-up comedy will always be my first love when it comes to arts and when it comes to storytelling," he said. "Don’t get me wrong, I love making movies too, especially comedies, and even more so when I write them, but there is just something about getting in front of a live audience and making them laugh, talking about the stuff I’ve been through and the stuff that I can’t figure out. When I get on a stage to do stand-up comedy, it feels like home.”  

Although Leland lives in B.C., he last toured here more than two years ago. A lot has happened since that time and so he’s got a lot of new things to talk about, he said.

He will be performing on Sunday, June 23 at Lakewood Alliance Church at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $15 online.

You can get tickets and more information at