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The 7 best toiletry bags for 2022

Planning and packing for a trip requires more than luggage: a compact, durable and leak-proof toiletry kit is just as important as a suitcase.
 krisblackphotography toiletry kit
Never hesitate to pack your must-have essential with the right-sized toiletry bag.

There’s no shortage of late-summer travel options that are enticing British Columbians, from a kitschy German village a few hours away to a five-star cruise to Hawaii.

Whether it’s two days or two weeks, a full set of toiletries are a must. Staples like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, deodorant and skin care take up the same amount of space no matter the length of the trip.

With that in mind, a toiletry bag (also known as a Dopp kit) should suit one’s personal style and priorities, whether that be roominess, leak-proof construction or stylish design.

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The best toiletry bag for under $30

Hays toiletry bag

Hays Candy Wash bag fits the necessities (skin care, toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner) and has a practical waterproof lining. It’s made from recycled polypropylene (so it's flexible) and comes in preppy colour combinations in bold stripes, a stand out in a sea of black toiletry bags. 

Why we're Endorsing it:  Design, durability, brand reputation. 

Where it could use improvements:  Size is best for a long weekend getaway and single traveller.

Size/weight/dimensions: 5.9" H 9.45" W 5.51" D.

Price (subject to change): $25 at Hays

The best hanging toiletry bag

Large hanging toiletry bag

Packing for a family or just need enough space for a 10-step skin care routine? This tropical-print hanging toiletry bag has four roomy compartments for hair brushes, toothbrushes, shampoo, sunscreen, serum and more. It's waterproof and light, and with a handle, it feels like a mini toiletry suitcase rather than a single-person Dopp kit. 

Why we're Endorsing it:  Size, practicality, space saver. 

Where it could use improvements:  Works best when hung on the back of a door or in the shower. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 27.99 x 26.8 x 5.99 cm.

Price (subject to change): $30.99 at Amazon.

The best trendy toiletry bag 

Away toiletry bag

Away is still the go-to luggage for travel influencers on Instagram. Still, it makes more than millennial pink luggage: this sleek Away toiletry bag has three compartments, but many users note that it’s compact enough for a carry-on suitcase. Made from nylon, it can be spot cleaned easily. 

Why we're Endorsing it:  Sleek design, free shipping and Away specializes in luggage and travel accessories.

Where it could use improvements:  High price point that others on the list. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 26 cm x 9.4 cm x 15 cm.

Price (subject to change): $95 at Away.

The best monogrammed toiletry bag

Monogram toiletry bag

For a black bag that doesn’t feel generic, these monogrammed toiletry bags are relatively inexpensive. There’s a main compartment, as well as a small side compartment, and it can be embroidered with a name or initials. 

Why we're Endorsing it:  Excellent price for a personalized bag; there is no chance of it getting mixed up with another bag on a group trip. 

Where it could use improvements: The material is not waterproof. The bag is on the smaller side (best for weekend trips). 

Size/weight/dimensions: 4" D x 10" W x 6" H.

Price (subject to change): $20.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

The best utilitarian toiletry bags

Ripstop dopp bag

Choose the right toiletry bags, and they will last for years, which is why pragmatic and austere styles are so popular. The Ripstop Dopp Kit has a top handle, rip-resistant fabric, interior and exterior pockets and two-way zippers. It feels more like a case than a kit. 

Why we're Endorsing it:  Durability, compartment size and top handle. Nordstrom also has a video demonstration of the bag. 

Where it could use improvements:  This is a larger size, something to consider when planning to pack a carry-on bag. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 10"W x 8"H x 5"D.

Price (subject to change): $60 at Nordstrom.

The best small toiletry bag

Dagne Dover Hunter bag

Light packers might like a smaller toiletry bag in order to prevent stocking up on too much stuff. This Dagne Dover Hunter small toiletry bag is made from neoprene and includes a removable mesh pouch. It’s basic, but the rubber logo gives it a touch of sleekness. 

Why we're Endorsing it: Those who prefer to travel light deserve options, too. 

Where it could use improvements:  The Large Hunter toiletry bag has the same design, and it's tempting not to opt for the bigger size. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 4.75"H x 7.75" L. 

Price (subject to change): $51.64 at Shopbop.

The best leather toiletry bag

Leather dopp bag

Leather used to be standard material for Dopp kits, but now, the options are dominated by synthetic fabrics like neoprene and nylon. Leather’s big advantage is that it wears nicely and softens with usage, looking better as it breaks in. Modern leather bags are lined, so spillage and leakage won’t ruin them. 

Why we're Endorsing it: Genuine leather, double zipper and front pocket. 

Where it could use improvements: It should be kept in a dry area (not in a shower or standing water). 

Size/weight/dimensions: 22.86 x 15.24 x 12.7 cm.

Price (subject to change): $49.63 at Amazon.