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For most of my life I have lived in Prince George. Born and raised here, I have lived both rurally and in city.

I have a family of my own, so that enables me to know a lot about what is available for activities or amenities, or at least where to find the information. My goal is not to rush to a paycheck, but to take the amount of time required for my clients to discover and find what they are looking for.

This isn't about my wants or needs, it's about the wants and needs, dreams and desires, of the people who hire me to work on their behalf. I pride myself in my ability to see things from multiple perspectives. I like to find solutions for any road blocks that may present themselves.

Time management is key, especially when things are moving quickly. I work hard to avoid missing a step or dropping the ball. Communication that is clear and concise keeps things running smoothly. Warm professionalism. That is what I try to encompass.

If I am not what you need in an agent, that is ok, I take no offense and I would be happy to refer to someone who may better suit YOU. Contact me today. Give me a try. I can't wait to help you!

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