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WWII artifact causes bomb scare for Hope Mounties

Officers at the Hope RCMP detachment were evacuated on Jan. 31 when a man turned up holding a suspicious package in a Second World War ammunition container.

Alarm was raised when the man arrived with the package discovered inside a storage locker.

Later that afternoon, the RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit dismantled the package, revealing not a bomb but an artifact from the war – a Nazi-era battery. 

Staff Sgt. Karol Rehdner says he was relieved the package didn't pose a danger to staff and the public. 

“The detachment was immediately evacuated and closed to the public, with the area cordoned off while we determined the content of the package. The safety of citizens and our staff was a priority during the incident.

"Fortunately, the contents were not explosive, however simply touching an explosive device may cause a detonation."

RCMP remind the public not to touch or convey any article that seems out of the ordinary to your local RCMP detachment. Instead, contact police for officers to attend the location.

Laura Brookes 

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