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What are the hottest spots in B.C. this week?

Expect a heat wave, with some temps across the province in the 30- to 40-degree range.

If you’ve found the past few days unbearably warm, get ready for the weekend.

Environment Canada meteorologist Bobby Sekhon says British Columbians are experiencing an unseasonably hot stretch of weather across the province. 

“It is quite early in the summer to get this type of hot weather,” he says. “We are going to see some records broken; maybe not widespread record but at least some inland places along the coast.”

Breaking down the province into three sections, these are the hottest spots expected over the next seven days:


Port Alberni, as usual, is the warm spot on the Island, in the low 30-degree range. But Nanaimo is close behind. 

“Places like Port Alberni are always good candidates for the hot spot but also places like Nanaimo are expected to get into the big 20s or even into the low 30s, so certainly quite hot for parts of Vancouver Island there,” Sekhon tells Glacier Media. 


The mercury in Abbotsford are expected to reach the mid to high 30s this weekend, making it the hot spot for this area. 

“Places like Squamish and Howe Sound will also get quite hot getting into the 30s as well,” says Sekhon. “On Sunday, we saw records in both Squamish and White Rock. White Rock getting up to 28, 29 degrees and Squamish get up to about 30 degrees.” 


With temperatures reaching the mid to high 30s over the past few days, Lytton is the hot spot in the southwest Interior.

“Southern B.C. has been dry; that’s been the story over the past several months and now we are getting into this hot, dry stretch of weather which is not helping with getting some of that precipitation deficit back,” he says.

As the week continues, temperatures will climb and meteorologists will be keeping a close eye on the southwest Interior. 

“It is going to get quite hot in places like Lytton, Kamloops, even into the Okanagan. I wouldn’t be surprised to see temperatures hit 40 degrees,” says Sekhon.