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VIDEO: Trans Mountain made an animation for its B.C. terminal project

(via TransMountain/YouTube)

Trans Mountain has ramped up its promotion of the work being done at Burnaby’s Westridge Marine Terminal.

Construction kick-started again in August and Trans Mountain has been sharing details through a variety of methods, including photos and a recent time-lapse video.

Now, Trans Mountain is showing off a three-minute-30-second animated film about what’s involved in a project that could take up to three years to finish.

The video can be seen below, but here are a few highlights from the video:

  • The video starts by saying that the terminal was built back in 1954 and has been “operating safely” ever since.
  • The project will expand the terminal from one berth to three.
  • A series of “cells” will be built using 1,900 sheet piles. A “turbidity curtain” will be used to protect marine life during construction.
  • A “rockfish reef” will be built to protect rockfish and other marine life.
  • 160 piles will need to be added, with shrouds and curtains used to try and dampen the noise from the hammers driving the piles into the ground.
  • Bubble curtains will be used to try and protect marine life from the underwater noise produced by the pile driving.
  • Spotters in boats on the water are supposed to signal the pile driving to stop if marine life such as seals are spotted nearby.

The last part of the video is aimed at saying the project will bring economic prosperity through the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

— Chris CampbellBurnaby Now