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This uplifting virtual choir performance is exactly what we needed right now

Westcoast Harmony Chorus cooked up something nice for you
Westcoast Harmony Chorus

Award-winning local choir, Westcoast Harmony Chorus, has released a digital version of the song "Go the Distance", meant to uplift people who are feeling beat down after months of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song is dedicated to frontline workers, those who are feeling lost or alone, and people "who miss family, friends, and regular routines" and need "a loving hand to help lift them up" during the next leg of the journey.

The choir itself has been affected by the pandemic, of course. Their Master Director, Anne Downton, tells us that they shifted to online rehearsals back in March of 2020, and have been "meeting" online every Wednesday since then.

Downton says "The biggest adjustment has been not being able to hear ourselves sing all together. We’ve found new ways to work together, but projects like this remind us of the joy that comes from singing together."

Over 50 of their members participated in the performance you'll see in the video below. They rehearsed for three hours per week, over many weeks, to get everything just right.

Each member recorded themselves and submitted their audio, which was mixed in Logic Pro. They then recorded video of themselves singing on their iPhones, and submitted that along with photos and videos they captured of themselves and their various individual accomplishments they've had during the pandemic.

The result, created using Adobe Pro software, is an uplifting song, with great visuals.

Just what you might have needed at this point in the journey. Enjoy.