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'It feels very surreal': Port Coquitlam woman wins $2M a week before officially retiring

Lea Olson wants to go globetrotting after she matched all six numbers to claim BC/49's top prize from its June 19, 2021 draw.
Lea Olsen Port Coquitlam BC49 lottery win $2M - July 23, 2021
Port Coquitlam's Lea Olson is eyeing a dream trip around the globe after winning $2 million from BC/49's draw on June 19, 2021.

Imagine starting retirement with $2 million extra in your pocket.

That's what happened to Port Coquitlam's Lea Olson last month who was one week away from her last official day on the job when she discovered she was B.C.'s latest multi-millionaire.

She matched all six numbers to win BC/49's top prize from its draw on June 19, 2021:

  • 9, 17, 20, 21, 38, 47 and 6 as the bonus

“It feels very surreal, I can’t believe this is happening!" Olson explained in a news release from the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC), noting the numbers are special to her as they're a combination of family birth dates.

She hopes to use the money for eventual globetrotting with Europe first on the bucket list and now "can be a little more extravagant and travel first class."

Olson was at home when she checked BC/49's draw on the Lotto! app, going into complete shock and then loud screams in realizing what just happened.

After sharing the big win with her husband, Olson then called her daughter.

“She didn’t believe me so I texted her a photo… she came over right away.”

Olson bought her $2-million ticket from Crunchy Bites Market on Prairie Avenue in Port Coquitlam.

According to BCLC, provincial residents have won more than $11 million from BC/49 draws in 2021 thus far.

For more information, you can visit the corporation's website.