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Bearhole Lake wildfire ignition planned

Weather permitting.
09022022-bearhole lake fire
Wildfire behaviour observed from the east of Bearhole Lake wildfire. B.C. WILDFIRE SERVICE

Ignition operations tare planned o slow or steer the progress of the Bearhole Lake wildfire - weather permitting.

Tuesday sees a 400 hectare ignition operation is planned on the north flank of the fire and will support the direct attack efforts. This operation will only be carried out if wind and weather conditions are favourable this afternoon and will help to further secure this area of the fire and, when conducted, large amounts of smoke will be highly visible in the area and are expected to drift east into Alberta.

This operation will employ a combination of aerial and hand-ignition to bring the fire to pre-determined control lines previously established by heavy equipment. Crews will be stationed along the guard to support the operations with hand-ignition and to action any spotting across the line that may occur. Helicopters will be supporting by providing water to cool the edges of the fire.

Ongoing direct attack by ground crews, helicopters and heavy equipment is progressing well on the Bearhole lake wildfire and this work will continue over the coming days.

More information on air quality, including advisories, is also available on the BC Air Quality and Environment Canada websites.

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