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UPDATE: Horse and man hit by train in Kamloops

12:25 p.m.

This morning's incident occurred around 10:35 a.m., according to an RCMP statement.

"Kamloops RCMP received a call that a Canadian National Railways train had struck a horse and rider in the vicinity of Devick Road near Rayleigh," says Sgt. Sascha Fesenko in a news release. "The rider was taken to a local medical facility to be examined. The horse was deceased at the scene."

Traffic and trains were stopped for a short period while police investigated the scene, Fesenko adds.

12:05 p.m.

Police and emergency services are currently attending an incident in Rayleigh.

A CN Train was stopped on the tracks for an hour, cutting the Kamloops neighbourhood off from the highway and road system, according to witnesses, as a medical emergency unfolded.

"CN police are responding to an incident involving a CN train. As the investigation is ongoing, we will decline to comment," states CN Rail spokesperson Jonathan Abecassis in an email to KamloopsMatters.

Witness Nathan Ritchie says when he drove by he could see some of the activity on the railway.

"The rider was being loaded onto an ambulance," he tells KamloopsMatters. "He looked conscious, he was being loaded up."

He adds that over the radios he has set up in his truck, he could hear commercial truck drivers talking about a horse being winched onto a trailer. He adds blood was visible on the side of the road.

As of noon, the train had begun to move again, Ritchie notes.

KamloopsMatters has also reached out to BC Emergency Health Services, the RCMP and the BC SPCA for confirmation.

This story will be updated as more information is made available