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BC NDP resolutions include offering free menstrual products at public buildings

john horgan
(via Vancouver Courier/Dan Toulgoet)

British Columbia's New Democrats have wrapped up a three-day convention after nearly 700 delegates voted on resolutions including those that would pressure the federal government to deliver more affordable cell phone and internet options.

Other successful resolutions the party highlighted in a news release are aimed at supporting a so-called Period Promise campaign by encouraging the government to offer free menstrual products in all public buildings in B.C.

Delegates also voted on resolutions around ending parking fees at hospitals and lowering the voting age to 16 in civic and provincial elections as part of a gathering that included training and workshops.

The B.C. Teachers' Federation decided to hold its own meeting of school-district representatives near the NDP convention on Saturday to draw attention to failed contract talks.

But Premier John Horgan says the convention was no place for teachers to bring up issues that belong at the bargaining table.

Horgan also says the government is not prepared to wade into a transit dispute in Metro Vancouver and that workers and employers should resume negotiations before a planned three-day shutdown of bus service this week.