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BC NDP leads province’s parties for second-quarter fundraising

BC Liberals continue to trail in fundraising efforts: Elections BC data.
John Horgan's BC NDP are out-foundraising their political rivals in the province | Facebook
The governing BC NDP raised more than the province’s four other leading political parties combined in 2021’s second quarter, Elections BC figures show.

The party received $834,575 in donations, according to data released August 3.

Trailing by more than half a million dollars was the BC Liberal Party with $313,514.

And, significantly behind the two frontrunners were the BC Green Party at  $278,826, the Conservatives with $22,475 and the Rural BC Party $110.

The ranking may have remained the same but the numbers have either risen or fallen compared to the first quarter.

Those figures were:

• BC NDP - $662,573;

• BC Liberals - $241,628

• BC Green Party - $170,286

• Conservative - $11,173, and;

• Rural BC Party - $60.

The numbers are drastically off 2020’s third quarter, when the BC NDP took in more than $800,000 in donations than the BC Liberals, providing a greater war chest for the contentious October snap election.

Then, the BC NDP received $1,957,937, while the BC Liberals took in $1,150,692. The BC Green party was well behind with $327,453 in donations.

The numbers changed again for the fourth quarter, reflecting the election period.

Those figures were:

• NDP - $2,910,094;

• B.C Liberals - $1,514,729, and;

• BC Green Party - $902,708

BC Green Leader Sonia Furstenau said she was grateful for contributing given overlapping crises and tough times for so many.

“People have stepped up in so many invaluable ways so far this year – not only through their financial support, but on the ground in their communities as well,” she said.

Interim financial reports are required for parties receiving an annual allowance – or per vote subsidy. The five parties above are eligible to receive an annual allowance in 2021.

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