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B.C. mother, daughter denied claim for euthanized puppy's vet care

Honey the puppy had a genetic condition called renal dysplasia.
The dog began showing signs of illness, including vomiting.

A Vancouver Island mother and daughter won’t be getting any further compensation for a now-euthanized puppy, B.C.’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has ruled in a small claims case.

Martha Thomas and daughter Drew Thomas Rush bought Honey the puppy from Lycrecia Klassen in July 2022 for $1,800, an amount later refunded.

However, Honey soon began showing signs she was unwell. She went to the vet on at least three occasions before being euthanized on Sept. 30, 2022.

“It is undisputed that Honey then began to show signs of illness, including vomiting, and had tenderness on her abdomen,” tribunal member Christopher Rivers said in a Jan. 9 decision.

Thomas and Rush claimed $5,000 for veterinarian costs incurred diagnosing, treating and euthanizing Honey.

A vet report said Honey had a genetic condition called renal dysplasia.

Klassen, however, said she refunded Honey’s purchase price and also offered to take Honey back. She told the tribunal she shouldn’t have to pay Thomas and Rush’s expenses for veterinarian fees.

According to the tribunal documents, Thomas and Klassen texted between July 26 and 31 about Honey's health and the associated costs.

On Aug. 10, 2020, Klassen e-transferred Thomas a full refund for Honey’s purchase price, Rivers said. That happened before Honey was put down, however, and more expenses were incurred.

Thomas and Rush claimed they were entitled to reimbursement for the vet bills.

Rivers didn’t see it that way. He found the parties had entered into a binding settlement agreement that included the vet expenses.

“Given that Mrs. Klassen has already paid the agreed $1,800, I find the applicants are not entitled to more,” Rivers said in dismissing the claim.

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