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American family searching for missing cat in northern B.C.

Molly, a five-year grey tabby, jumped out of their vehicle when the family stopped at a gas station in Charlie Lake on Dec. 15.

An American family travelling home from Alaska to Florida is missing a very a important family member - Molly, a five-year grey tabby, who jumped out of their vehicle when the family stopped at a gas station in Charlie Lake, northwest of Fort St. John, on Dec. 15. 

"I’m trying to stay positive because the people at the shelters sounded so confident they would find her. It’s been days now and I just hope she isn’t hurt somewhere or wasn’t picked up by someone not looking for us," wrote Robin McClelland, who was moving home with her husband, who just got out of the military. 

They searched for seven hours around town, but couldn't find Molly, even after checking with the local SPCA, explained McClelland. She's hoping that area residents are able to find her. Molly was a rescue cat adopted by the family and is a real sweetheart, she added, though not a fan of other cats.

McClelland and her husband had stopped to repack their car to make it more comfortable for Molly and their kids, and were surprised when the feline escaped. 

"We are trying so hard to exhaust all of our resources," said McClelland of the search. Molly can be a shy cat, and prefers adults to kids, but can be coaxed out of hiding with dry cat food, tuna, or catnip, she added. 

Molly is chipped, spayed, and a heavier cat with a one ear that has a slight nick, explained McClelland in a post, offering a $200 US reward if she is found.

"If anyone was in the area and saw her, or will be and is able to help in the search for her it would mean so much...she is my world," wrote McClelland. 

If anyone has found Molly or can help in some way, McClelland can be contacted on Facebook messenger or by text at 910-224-7933.