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B.C. family desperately searching for lost dog in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Shampoo, the Goldendoodle, got spooked by thunder and ran off as the couple was putting on her leash.

A family is desperately searching for their beloved dog that is lost in Golden Ears Provincial Park. 

Qiao Hu and Yuanye Jiang went on a weekend camping trip and were staying at Alouette Campground.

On Saturday, the Richmond couple decided to go for a walk with their three-year-old Goldendoodle named Shampoo at 7 p.m. 

“As we were about to put the leash on her harness, there was a very big thunderstorm strike,” says Hu. “It was very, very loud.”

Shampoo was frightened and ran off into the woods.

“Everything just happened so fast this, the thunderstorm came and she started to run and there was no time for us to react,” says Hu. 

Since she disappeared the couple has been staying at the same campsite waiting for her to return. 

“We started to look for her, asking people around if they saw a similar dog running past,” he says. “We notified the park rangers and put posters around the campsite.” 

Shampoo has been missing for three days, as of Tuesday. They hope Shampoo will start to track her way back to them and they’ve put out some of their clothing around the campsite so she can sense her way back. 

"This is something that we never encountered before and we’re also very surprised that our dog behaved like this,” says Hu. 

Shampoo is microchipped and weighs about 55 to 60 pounds. When she ran off she had black boots on and a blue and pink collar. 

"We don’t even know if she can survive in the wild,” he says. “Her hair is not very thick.”

If someone does see Shampoo, they're asked to report the sighting immediately and not try to chase her as she could be nervous. 

“She’s friendly but sometimes she can be timid to strangers,” he says. "We're just very frustrated."

Golden Ears Provincial Park is one of the largest parks in B.C.

If you've seen Shampoo, you are asked to contact the family at [email protected].

[email protected]

Shampoo, the missing dog, pictured when her hair is wet. Qiao Hu