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Williams: The 2022 BC Summer Games was Prince George at its best

Prince George residents stepped up to deliver a top-notch experience for the Games athletes, officials, families and ourselves.
Summer Games medals
Prince George gave a gold medal performance during the 2022 BC Summer Games.

Give yourselves a pat on the back, Prince George.

From July 21 to July 24, the city hosted nearly 3,000 young athletes, coaches and officials for the 2022 BC Summer Games, along with an estimated 2,000 family members, friends and other visitors – and Prince George, you nailed it.

The sports were high-level, the crowds enthusiastic and well-behaved, the venues and athlete accommodations performed well, the city’s hotels and restaurants stepped up to offer northern hospitality to the extra visitors and even the weather cooperated. While perfection is impossible, the 2022 BC Summer Games were as good as it gets.

Of course, pulling off an event with as many moving parts as the BC Summer Games is no accident.

First and foremost, kudos go to the Prince George 2022 BC Summer Games Society organizing committee, who have been working hard off the sides of their busy desks since spring of 2021 to get the details right.

Society president Renee McCloskey, vice-president Selen Alpay and board members Craig Douglass, Kap Manhas, Les Waldie, Tammy Hoefer, Erik Vliegenhart, Mindy Stroet, Lisa Davison, Alyson Gourley-Kramer, Melissa Dymond, Mike Smith, Tracey James, Colin Carson, Mandi Graham, Loralyn Murdoch, Lynda Pattie, Gordon Duke and City of Prince George liaison Jennifer Rubadeau all deserve to take a bow (and a vacation) after a job well done.

But the board’s vision for the games wouldn’t have come to fruition without the nearly 2,000 volunteers who donated their time before, during and after the event to do the hard work of hosting a major, multi-sport event.

The staff of the City of Prince George and School District 57 also deserve a shout-out for their hard work to make sure that when the athletes arrived, they’d have places to sleep, eat and compete.

Hospitality industry workers throughout the city also deserve praise for handling the extra visitors, including busloads of athletes at local coffee shops and restaurants, with smiles on their faces.

The leadership of UNBC made sure that no athlete at the games left empty-handed, whether they won a medal or not, by offering up to $2,000 in tuition credits to all the participants – a first for the games.

And finally, the spectators and general public behaved themselves and showed thousands of visitors to our city the best side of Prince George.

Arthur Williams, Prince George Citizen