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OPINION: Thanks for running

Running for political office is a thankless job, especially in the age of social media
Prince George polling station 2
A polling station in downtown Prince George was open during the Sept. 20 federal election.

Voters in Prince George went to the polls on Sept. 20 and convincingly reelected incumbent Conservative MPs Todd Doherty and Bob Zimmer.
While certainly not a forgone conclusion, the results of the election locally shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone. But just because the odds were against them, doesn’t mean the candidates running in the local ridings for the other parties didn’t do something important.
Each of the candidates brought forward different ideas and perspectives that fostered a vigorous, healthy public debate.
Running for political office has always required a thick skin, but never more so than in the age of social media. 
Even if you disagree with everything a candidate and their party stand for, they are still human beings. 
Just because they didn’t get your vote, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get your respect.
­— Arthur Williams