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VIDEO: This otter make you smile big, Kamloops

(via B.C. Wildlife Park)

If you've had a crappy day, a recent video posted by The Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre at the B.C. Wildlife Park otter lift your spirits up. 

The short clip features an otter who came to the centre after it was found struggling on a beach at a campground. 

"Lethargic and dehydrated, this baby was given intensive IV fluids until its vital signs improved," reads a Facebook post. "In due time, it was drinking milk on its own and playing with stuffed animals between feedings."

The otter will now be transferred to Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley, where it will "grow up in the company of other orphaned otters." 

Check out the adorable video below. Make sure to turn your speakers up!