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Burnaby man buys lottery ticket on a ‘whim’, in ‘shock’ after hitting jackpot

The Burnaby resident is going to buy a condo
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Almir Omerovic of Burnaby has scratched his way to more financial security.

Almir Omerovic has scratched his way to more financial security.

And it all happened on a whim after stopping at a store for a snack.

The Burnaby resident couldn’t believe his eyes after realizing he scored the top prize of $100,000 from a 15X Multiplier Scratch & Win ticket.

He purchased the ticket on a whim from My Convenience Store on West Hastings Street in Vancouver and says he typically enjoys Crossword Scratch & Win tickets. He was still in the store when he scratched his ticket.

“I could not believe my eyes … I kept looking left and right to count the zeros,” he said. “I was in shock, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing and that I had won a big prize.”

Omerovic shared the news with his family and it celebrated his big win over a dinner out.

“I already count myself as blessed because of my family, now this just adds to it,” he said.

Omerovic plans to use his prize to purchase a condo and says he is “so excited.”