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BC SPCA reminds Richmond owners the importance of pet IDs

Pets should have permanent identifications such as a microchip or a tattoo.
The BC SPCA took over animal control and sheltering in Richmond on Feb. 1, 2021.

The BC SPCA is reminding owners to make sure their pets have some form of identification in case they go missing.

Corrie Bownick, manager of municipal services for the BC SPCA, said thousands of lost animals with no identification are rescued every year in B.C.

“Unfortunately, many of these pets come into our shelters with no form of identification, which makes it challenging to reunite the animal with their guardian,” said Bownick.

“Our officers are grateful to those who ensure their pets have ID with up-to-date contact information, because it makes it easier for them to serve the people and animals of Richmond.”

She added that since the organization took over the Richmond’s animal services contract on Feb. 1, they have responded to 35 calls regarding lost or stray animals.

The City of Richmond requires all cats over the age of six months be spayed or neutered and have identification and dogs eight weeks and older be licensed.

Animals with a tattoo, microchip or dog license are the best ways to reunite families to their pets, said Bownick.

Furthermore, the BC SPCA is urging people to register their pet with the BC Pet Registry, Canada’s first centralized pet identification database, which was created in 2015.

Pets who receive permanent identification at any veterinarian, BC SPCA shelter or microchip clinic in B.C. can be entered into the database.

For those who have lost or found an animal in Richmond, contact BC SPCA at 604-709-4668.