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Trotter is running to represent Prince George in the School District 57 byelection, happening Jan. 15
Brian Trotter 2
Brian Trotter is running to represent Prince George in the School District 57 byelection, happening on Jan. 15.

Brian Trotter is one of five candidates running in Prince George in the School District 57 byelection, happening on Jan. 15.
The Citizen asked each candidate running in the election to answer the following five questions:


Q: What skills, experience and knowledge do you bring to the table from your professional, volunteer and personal background?

A: I worked as an electrician for SD57 for more than 34 years. Eight of those years were working in Mackenzie maintaining the five schools, of which only two remain open now. I was president of CUPE local 4991 for 10 years and was instrumental in bringing the local from CMAW to CUPE, a much better fit. During my time as president, I was involved with various board committees, local contract bargaining, and represented the north at the provincial bargaining table. I was also a member of the selection interview committee that hired two assistant superintendents. I was active a number of years ago coaching minor hockey in P.G. and Mackenzie, and I also coached minor girls’ softball.

Q: What do you think the most important issue facing School District 57 is, and what would you like to do about it?

A:  I believe the most important issue facing the board right now is addressing the recommendations of the special advisors report. I will work with the current board to fulfill the recommendations set out in the report, and seek to provide a safe and healthy learning and work environment for all students and staff.

Q: Do you support a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine mandate for school district teachers and staff? Why or why not?

A: Personally, I support COVID vaccinations. I also respect the rights of others to decide for themselves. If there is to be a decision on vaccine mandates, it should come from the provincial government and not left up to individual boards to decide. Health care is a provincial mandate and should not left up to individual authorities.

Q: Do you support the creation of two additional, dedicated trustee positions for the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation and McLeod Lake Indian Band? Why or why not?

A: Every board, whether public or private, benefits from a diverse makeup of its members. I don't believe that new seats need to be added to the board, the diversity can be realized with the existing numbers. Again, I believe a decision to dedicate seats on the board should be made by the provincial government and be apply to all districts throughout the province.

Q: Why are you the best person for the job of school board trustee?

A: I believe that I am the best candidate for a seat on the board of SD57 because I am fair, I have a balanced approach, I am principled and I am familiar with the culture and the operation and the dynamics of the district.