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7 costumes that still might arrive in time for Halloween

Score an in-demand costume (like Squid Game guard) and avoid disappointment by ordering ASAP.
 Volanthevist Getty Images
No tricks, all treat.

Every year, there’s a mad rush on Halloween costumes. 

This year, global supply chain issues need to be factored into delivery time. Panic buying is unnecessary, but putting in a timely order for a one-day holiday is a must.

We've sourced costumes for babies, children, tweens, and even an adult couple costume for two. Because the usual suspects (like Marvel superheroes and Disney princesses) are easy to find, we sought out options that are a little more creative and still age-appropriate. 

If the plan for Halloween weekend includes dressing up, the time to order is now.


Squid Game costume.

UPDATE: Squid Game costumes are selling out super fast on Amazon, so the ones below are already gone. We've found another guard costume here and just a mask here.  There's also a contestant suit but even with the fastest shipping option, it's a risk. As the demand is high and stock is constantly changing, be sure to double-check the delivery date options for your cart. To get it before November, sometimes extra charges apply.

The hottest TV show on Netflix is suddenly the most in-demand Halloween costume of the year. The problem is that stock for Squid Game costumes is very low and selling fast — order it now (with Amazon Prime) to ensure delivery by the 31st. Find guard and contestant costumes on Amazon.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants a very timely Halloween costume.

Why we're endorsing it: Availability, delivery, scarcity.

Where it could use improvements: Extra delivery charges may apply in order to receive it by Oct. 31.

Size/weight/dimensions: XS-3XL.


Party City Chucky costume.

Chucky is back in a big way, thanks to a rebooted TV series, making it both nostalgic and appropriately frightening. Dressing a child up as a murderous doll is peak Halloween. Available at Party City.

Who it's ideal for: Any child who is always trying to watch inappropriate horror movies.

Why we're endorsing it: Creativity, fun, complete package.

Where it could use improvements: Small is sold out

Size/weight/dimensions: M/L.


Couple costume bacon and eggs.

Ideal for those who use the phrase "my person" on Instagram, this bacon-and-eggs costume is made for two. Available at Canadian Tire

Who it's ideal for: Couples who like to match.

Why we're endorsing it: B.C.-wide delivery, one-piece costume.

Where it could use improvements: Limited stock.

Size/weight/dimensions: One size fits most.


Kids Halloween pajamas.

For little ones who probably won’t last in an itchy costume, these super cute footie pajamas come in kid-friendly zombie, skeleton and Día de los Muertos print. Available at Old Navy

Who it's ideal for: Babies and toddlers.

Why we're endorsing it: Cuteness, brand trust.

Where it could use improvements: Limited size.

Size/weight/dimensions: 6 months-3 T.


Pilot costume.

For kids who don’t want a fantasy costume, Indigo has a bunch of real-world options like pilot, vet, pediatric nurse, scientist and fire chief.

Who it's ideal for: Kids who want to dress like a working adult.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand trust, can be used to play dress-up after Halloween.

Where it could use improvements: Consider expedited shipping to ensure it arrives on time.

Size/weight/dimensions: Ages 3-6.


Baby in a bun.

UPDATE: The hot dog costume has sold out, but there is still time to go with a classic pumpkin suit (available at Walmart). 

Any baby costume is adorable and delightful, like this hot dog in a bun topped with relish, ketchup and mustard. Available at Walmart

Who it's ideal for: Little ones who will sleep through the photos.

Why we're endorsing it: Cute factor is 100.

Where it could use improvements: Selling fast.

Size/weight/dimensions: 0-6 months.


LED mask.

For bigger kids and tweens who are on the fence about trick-or-treating this year, an LED mask could be cool enough not to embarrass them. With this mask, reluctant trick-or-treaters can wear their regular clothes while still doing the bare minimum to earn a mini chocolate bar. Available on Amazon

Who it's ideal for: Older kids and tweens who don’t want a costume.

Why we're endorsing it: Price, size, ease of use.

Where it could use improvements: Requires AA batteries.

Size/weight/dimensions: One size fits most.