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Editor's picks: 10 totally random (and highly useful) items in our cart right now

We're sharing our most-wanted products of the month, from clear pimple patches to a gooseneck kettle.
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What's an item you've purchased this month? Let us know in the comments!

Taking inventory of our recently ordered items and wishlists yielded an interesting mix of products we want to share — from a new waterproof puffer jacket to a tried-and-true line of household cleaners that smell fancy (and can handle a busy kitchen).

We know a book you'll love, as well as a DIY hardwood floor repair kit, a magical ball that will definitely sell out before Christmas and a cardigan approved by B.C.’s favourite influencer.

Old Navy puffer

It looks like B.C. is in for a chillier fall than normal. We’re bundling up with a puffer jacket — reliable, warm and waterproof is a must. We love this double-breasted women’s jacket from Old Navy because it’s a little sleeker than a regular zip-up coat, comes in four colours (ivory, sage green, beige and black) and is currently on sale (there’s also a hooded puffer for men and a unisex jacket for kids). Available at Old Navy.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone searching for a new cold-weather coat. 

Why we're endorsing it: Price, brand trust, design.

Where it could use improvements: Old Navy has revamped their sizing, so use the "True To You" tool (located right beneath the size options) to find your best fit. 

Size/weight/dimensions: For the women’s coat, XS-4X.


We aren’t exactly sure about the science behind this light-up hoverball (part boomerang, part toy?) that climbs, floats and returns to its owner on demand, but we suspect it’s going to be a very in-demand gift this Christmas. Delivery is about 20 days out, so get it while you can. Available on Amazon

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants to give a creative and fun gift. 

Why we're endorsing it: Uniqueness.

Where it could use improvements: It’s a very new product so there are no user reviews.

Size/weight/dimensions: ‎9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm.

Corsx pimple patches.

Pimple patches are trending on Instagram in Canada so we have to recommend Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch, a much-loved cult beauty item. These clear hydrocolloid patches are applied directly on a blemish and create a moisturizing and healing environment to help banish the offending zit. Available on Amazon.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who gets the occasional spot.

Why we're endorsing it: Price, user reviews, brand trust.

Where it could use improvements: These are clear but can still be seen, so using overnight is ideal.

Size/weight/dimensions: 24 patches in three sizes.

Beeswax paper.

The buzz on this beeswax food wrapper is that it’s reusable, washable, and moulds to any shape. Unlike plastic wrap, the more you touch it, the warmer and more pliable it becomes, so fingers can be used to seal around a piece of cheese or loaf of bread. Available at Simons.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone looking for more natural and eco-friendly kitchen products.

Why we're endorsing it: Usefulness, price, eco-conscious.

Where it could use improvements: Not recommended for raw fish or meat; do not microwave or put in the dishwasher.

Size/weight/dimensions: Three-pack: 7" x 8", 10" x 11", 13" x 13.5".

Wood covering set.

Desperately looking for a way to cover up a hardwood floor scratch without expensive professional intervention? This Seisso floor repair kit works on all kinds of wood (furniture, floors, cabinets) and can help fill in scratches and cover up discolourations. This is meant for small fixes and the 12 shades are blendable. Available on Amazon

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants a quick fix for wood.

Why we're endorsing it: User reviews, price, ease of use.

Where it could use improvements: Some user reviews were surprised by the thinness of the liquid.

Size/weight/dimensions: 12 tubes in different shades.

You the novel.

You’s third season dropped on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 15 and immediately started trending on Twitter. While we catch up with Joe, we’re also throwing it back to the book that started it all: You by Caroline Kepnes (and the follow-up novel Hidden Bodies) can be read pre- or post-binge watching the show. Find the books on Amazon, Kindle, or check your local bookseller.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants more Joe Goldberg.

Why we're endorsing it: Plot, entertainment.

Where it could use improvements: The books differ from the TV show (though sorting through the plot changes is part of the fun).

Size/weight/dimensions: Two novels.

Jillian Harris cardigan.

One-time Bachelorette and Okanagan-based influencer Jillian Harris has collaborated with Joe Fresh on a cozy and sure-to-sell-out collection of fall pieces. This open front Angela cardigan falls below the waist and has two front pockets, a mix between a robe and a cardigan that’s made for lounging. Available at Joe Fresh.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who loves loungewear.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand trust, design, price.

Where it could use improvements: This doesn’t have a tie like a robe.

Size/weight/dimensions: XS-XL.

Bodum gooseneck kettle.

Impulse buying a pour-over coffee maker in a caffeine-deprived state led to the purchase of this stylish, leave-it-on-the-counter-for-all-to-admire Bodum kettle with a gooseneck spout. Achieving a barista-level cup of pour-over coffee is still in the trial and error phase, but the kettle was no mistake. Available on Amazon.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who likes eye-catching counter appliances.

Why we're endorsing it: Price, design, usefulness.

Where it could use improvements: Holds 27 ounces (less than some other kettles).

Size/weight/dimensions: 21 x 29.9 x 16 cm.

Canucks tshirt.

As the Canucks kick off the new season, fans can show some team spirit with a new Elias Pettersson T-shirt. Available at Canadian Tire.

Who it's ideal for: Diehard fans and bandwagon jumpers (no judgment). 

Why we're endorsing it: Design, availability.

Where it could use improvements: No specifications on shirt measurements.

Size/weight/dimensions: S-XL (unisex).

Sapadilla cleanser.

Vancouver-based Sapadilla’s line of fresh-scented countertop cleansers are great to keep in rotation for wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters. Formulated with essential oils, these cleaners use biodegradable ingredients like plant-based decyl glucoside and citric acid. We rotate between the grapefruit and bergamot and the rosemary and peppermint. Available from Canadian Tire, and directly from Sapadilla.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who likes a punch of scent after cleaning.

Why we're endorsing it: Quality, local company, usefulness. 

Where it could use improvements: For those sensitive to fragrances, the scents are on the stronger side. 

Size/weight/dimensions: 473 mL/bottle.